The Aquacadet Minecraft Server!
I can't log in.

I’ll reboot the server! Give me about 15 minutes and the server should be back up.

It keeps telling me the server is outdated :3

You need to be on Minecraft version 1.7.5. Google how to change your version.

What's the server address?

It’s in the sidebar of the blog! If you can’t login, tell us and we’ll reboot the server.

I want to join the server but it is forever pinging how do I get on I really want to join please help!

Thank you for telling us about this outage, the server should be back up shortly! Unfortunately, in order to have our nifty plugins, we have to sacrifice a little stability on the server and every now and then it’ll freeze up and need to be manually restarted. The version of Bukkit we’re using (the server wrapper which allows us to have plugins) is still a developer version, and there hasn’t been a stable recommended build of Bukkit since Minecraft version 1.6.4, and we’re running a 1.7.5 dev server. 

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for the heads up! If there’s any other outages, tell us and it should be fixed soon!

You can go here! And please leave proof that I’m not alone anymore!

If you would kindly, as I can’t always stay 3 minutes on the server, and am slightly confused as to why nobody is on when I am on as well, please go to my room and leave mail in the battletram outsourcing. Epsilon’s room. Easy to see. I just want to know that I am not alone!

Dear Jexis, If you ever banned some people then that be Ok for them to stop the whatevers theyre doing. But i think that you should Unban them and forgive them (P.S. the best thing about this server is kid friendly. I Like Friendly Servers.)

On the server we’re usually incredibly lenient with bans and rarely ever give permabans, however, if someone continues to show no remorse for their actions there’s no way we’d ever unban them. We usually stick by our permabans because they were earned, and because we gave many, many warnings about bad behavior. 

We take being kid-friendly and creating a welcoming environment very seriously, and unfortunately that requires that we sometimes must put our feet down and enact some order. 

Thank you for expressing interest in the server, but if you’re permabanned, I apologize, but there’s not much we can do.

What if you made a Map Download of your whole server? that might be fun.

I think I know who sent this message LOL

If you really want a copy send an ask to my main (although this offer doesn’t go to banned users)

The server is back up!

Sorry for the outage.

Has the server been down for the past few days or am I just crazy?

Eh, probably, I’ve (Jexis) have been away for a week and haven’t been able to check it. Later I’ll get on to why it’s not working and fix it. Sorry about that! I’m glad people are using it enough to actually notice this though, haha.


Wowee kids, you won’t believe what forced us to change our URL! Did you guess blood-sucking techno vampire attacks? Well, you’re close, but wrong! Nope, it’s LAWYERS! Yes, that’s right kids, earlier today a horde of Microsoft lawyers descended upon our most beloved free subdomain service, No-IP, and shut their free domains down for dubiously legal reasons! Wow! Thanks Microsoft for using your massive attack force of lawyers to seize whatever you want! Read all about it here, kids:

In the meantime, we’ve turned to a similar service provided by FreeDNS to have a URL for the server, which is why it’s now slightly different as! Give a round of applause to FreeDNS for being such a good sport and providing such a rad free service!

Anyway kids, keep having fun on the server!