The Aquacadet Minecraft Server!
I'm new to the server, and opened the chest that said there was a book inside I should read before making a room, but the chest was empty. By the way, my Mincraft username is MileyKitten.

Oh, yes, that does need to be replaced, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, a while ago a fair amount of that area was defaced, and some books were lost. We restored some areas and have a backup map available to fetch old rooms in case people want to fix their old places (the commands are /goto backupmap and /goto world), but even there I think the book is missing. 

Basically, the rules were to not expand beyond the allotted space of a single room, and to not deface anyone else’s room. 

Also, if you’re new, you don’t have build rights in the city (a natural precaution against griefing), so since you were considerate enough to send a nice message like this, we’ll give you creative mode rights!

Happy building, Cadet!

Good news, kids! The map has been cleaned!

That’s right, the main map has had a lot of empty space cleared recently, so head on over and gen some chunks with the glorious new 1.7 biomes and wildlife! 

Server now on 1.7.2!

That’s right kiddos, we’re running 1.7.2, so update away! If you encounter any problems with the server, please report them to us to be fixed swiftly!

does this server have a peaceful world?

It’s actually set on ‘Hard’ mode, I think, but you can switch from Survival to Creative once you’re op’d, and there’s plenty of food and supplies around (Plus, the city and spawn area is mostly well lit and safe)

Hi! Is it okay if I can join your mc server?

Yes, it is more than okay! We love new players, especially since the server is now just back online after a prolonged outage. 

We’re currently running version 1.6.4 because Bukkit (the server wrapper we use) isn’t updated to 1.7, but the moment a build is available, we’ll update! Stay tuned here for info on that.


FANTASTIC NEWS EVERYONE! From now on you should be able to login with the address ! No more IP change messes! YEAH!!!

IP Change:

New IP:

As you guys can see the IP has been really unstable. I’m going to work on fixing that in the future. Thanks for being patient.

do you have to be an aquacadet or do you just have to be a fan because i live in england so i cant be an aquacadet

Just a fan! If you like The Aquabats, you’re welcome!

is this server family friendly?


IP Change:

New IP: